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Hello, my name is John Nguyen! I am a jack of all trades with a current focus on graphic design and full stack web development.
I currently work at Proscape on the Marketing App Cloud team and serve as the CEO and Co-Founder of CrystalFruit, a graphic and web design company.

I am majoring in Computer Science at Temple University and plan to graduate in 2017.

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My Experience



Teacher Assistant:
Assisted in the grading of CIS 1068 (Program Design and Abstraction) assignments.

Philadelphia, PA
(September 2015 - Present)


Marketing App Cloud Team:
As a member of the Proscape MAC team, I managed iPad application content and built and integrated HTML/JS/CSS code into clients' marketing apps.

Horsham, PA
(October 2014 - Present)

CEO and Co-Founder:
I am the CEO and Co-Founder of CrystalFruit, a digital solutions company that specializes in website and graphic design.

Paoli, PA
(June 2015 - Present)



Office Assistant:
As an office assistant at Temple University, I helped disabled students take notes and assisted professors in managing class and video content.

Philadelphia, PA
(October 2014 - April 2015)

Freelance Designer & Developer

Digital Consultant & Online Content Designer:
I created digital content, including 2D and 3D posters, as well as websites and graphical assets for online clients.

Paoli, PA
(January 2012 - April 2015)

Click on the icon images below to reach my design gallery on Minus, code repository on Github, and music repository on SoundCloud


I am an illustrator, graphics and visual communications designer, and have two years of experience in 3-D scene composition. My preferred style is one that is simple to understand, yet modern and clearly digital in appearance.


I am an Android and Web developer who specializes in front-end design. My work is powered by Java and the web language trio of HTML/CSS/JS. I am currently learning data structures and more advanced front-end design techniques with AngularJS and jQuery.


I am also a photographer, guitarist, breakdancer and visionary. I co-founded Conestoga High School's Hip-Hop club, lead Temple University's CoDesigners organization's design team, and am currently filing to open my own LLC to run a digital design, development and consultation business.

My Goals

Simple. Clean. Powerful.
These are the core principles that I strive for in my technology and designs.

By blending aesthetic with utility my products will be easy to use, practical and beautiful. Through researching industry standards, researching market patterns and analysing collected data my products will be powerful, fluid, and profitable.

I currently am working on two goals:
1. To share my knowledge with others and provide future generations with opportunities to pursue their passion in related fields.
2. To help shape a better society through innovative technology and communicative designs


uTube Player

uTube Player is a WIP AngularFire app that uses AngularJS, Firebase and a NodeJS backend (soon) to deliver users with a personalized YouTube playlist manager experience with features such as an upvote/downvote system, user lists, and video downloads.
The goal of this project is to learn more about Angular, document based databases, Node and media management, and UI design on the technical side and it is also to build a social YouTube playlist app for myself and my friends on the practical side.

< Start testing it now >

PennApps XII

PennApps XII was a huge hackathon event with over 2000 talented individuals from all over the world coming to meet, learn and compete in Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center for 36 hours. Here, I learned more about AJAX, Angular, Pebble development, and the Ionic Framework. I also created the design and website for team PillPal.

Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA
September 4th-6th

Click here to see the details!

Vietnam Trip 2015

I recently went on a month-long vacation to Vietnam and took a bunch of photos! I'll eventually be organizing them into the web journal which you can access by going to www.jn23.me/vietnam2015 but in the meantime feel free to sneak a peek at some of the images I took! :)
GDrive Image Gallery

Recent Projects


A new promotional platform is in the works! This will be my biggest project yet so stay tuned for more information!

Temple Disability Resources

Temple University's Disability Resources and Services center reached out to CrystalFruit for a new logo and brochure face-lift! Click here for a closer look:
Brochure Inner Page Rough Draft

Cornell iGEM

I have been invited to work with Cornell University's iGEM team as their design consultant and graphic illustrator! Although the website is a mock-up and will not be the real deal, it will soon contain links to the graphic design work and team wiki page when the competition reaches a close!

Contact Information


Temple University Main Campus
Philadelphia, PA