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*Any hosting service fees are to be paid by the client*
*All websites come with two years of simple maintenance, which is valued at $100.00 - these costs are included in the total cost of each service listed, but may requested to be removed*

1. Simple Showcase Site


A simple, quick and easy HTML/CSS website that is mainly used to display basic information and pictures. Perfect cheap solution for showcasing resum├ęs, contact information and personal stories. Add mobile-friendliness for just another $50.00.

Simple Showcase Site Example: JN23.ME Version 1

2. Exclusive Display Website


A responsive, mobile-friendly website built with custom HTML/CSS/JS on top of the industry-standard Bootstrap framework. For displaying all of your content in a more aesthetic and modern style. Add E-Commerce options such as PayPal buttons for just $100.00.

Exclusive Display Website Example: Attila Toth Fitness

3. WordPress Website


A user-friendly website built on the world famous WordPress web framework. Allows non-coders to easily edit the site and with hundreds of different plugins, WordPress brings versatile functionality to your website allowing you to switch themes at the click of a button.

WordPress Website Example: Global Circle Recycling


*All graphic design packages come with up to ten iterations of the created design(s)*
*All graphic design package fees are subject to change depending on the complexity of the work given*

1. Single Graphic / Logo


Simple, clean, powerful one-piece graphic / logo design. Add another Single Graphic / Logo design for $35.00, or another iteration of a design for $15.00!

Attila Toth Fitness Logo - SecureMi Logo - ZStream Logo

2. Single Premium Visual


Premium, complex graphic designs of either 2D or 3D nature, or visual text banner with a custom-crafted background.

Royal Gaming Banner - Global Circle Recycling Logo - Crystal Prism Graphic

3. Modern and Concept Designs


Sleek, modern conceptual mock-ups and designs for banners, posters, and digital platforms alike.

Hook Me Up Concept Poster - Twitch.tv Channel Banner - VENTS Mobile Design

4. Custom Hand-drawn Illustration / Animation


A sketched, colored and HD rendered illustration or simple vector animation of your choice, made with either PaintTool SAI, GIMP 2.0, Photoshop or Adobe Animate

Fantasy Illustrations - Cartoon Illustrations

5. Application Graphic Assets Suite


Full, high quality graphic design and visual asset creation for your entire small to medium scale project (up to 50 graphical assets). Add $5.00 for every additional graphical asset needed.

Mawsom SmartThermostat - SecureMi